Active Research Projects

Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Osteoarthritis

While osteoarthritis is understood today to be a disease of the joint as an organ, with bone, cartilage, and synovial fluid involved, it is believed that the pathological progression occurs due to the initial disturbance of the extracellular matrix homeostasis in articular cartilage. The work of this project aims to develop tools to characterize these transformations at the earliest stages and couple it with a treatment that would be less invasive than what is currently available. 


Diagnostic and Prognostic Assays for Prostate Cancers

When diagnosed with prostate cancer a patient with his physician are faced with the decision if and how to treat it. If the physician and patient choose to treat the cancer, the risk of metastasis may be reduced, but the side effects can be rather severe. On the other hand, aggressive forms of prostate cancer require immediate and decisive attention. An assay capable of precisely assessing metastatic potential of the disease would thus be beneficial to physicians and their patients when choosing an appropriate treatment.

Recent Publication

A New Paradigm for Use of Ultrafast Lasers in Ophthalmology for Enhancement of Corneal Mechanical Properties and Permanent Correction of Refractive Errors


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